Contribute to the country's industrial development as a company with its own capital, which offers services for commercial purposes and efficiency in its production units.

Promote efficient and productive management; using advanced technology, qualified personnel and the required investments.

To be a company recognized nationally and internationally for carrying out its activities with quality, efficiency, responsibility and social sensitivity.

Accompanying our clients in their development projects, with orientation towards excellence, providing specialized technical assistance.


"Looking for the good of our fellow find ours"


Business ethics: We believe that it is possible to promote an economic activity from sustainability, without sacrificing profitability.

Commitment: The real commitment with the clients is the way to understand our activity. Not only do we want our employees to identify with the goals of the organization, but we make every effort to show our commitment to our employees.

Responsibility: Our obligation to take responsibility for the decisions we make and those we do not take, the measures we take and those that do not, and the consequences that result.

Respect: We believe in the need to show consideration for: ourselves, others and the resources entrusted to us: people and their safety, money, reputation, and natural or environmental resources

Honesty: Transparency, integrity and responsibility guide us in the exercise of our professional activities. We understand that creating value requires ethical behavior, honest and socially responsible.

The maximum quality as a goal: We seek the continuous improvement of all our productive processes and the operative of the company, looking for efficiency and effectiveness.

Learning and adaptability: We have the capacity and awareness that we should always be in constant learning. This constant learning is indispensable to be able to adapt to the changes.

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